I brushed Moby with one of those de-shedding brushes. At about once every three or four months, it really seems to get the loose undercoat free. He purrs until he gets too excited, then jumps off, and has a nibble. Which is why some of it is still on him. The stuff by the side is the wad removed.

Home way too early, but in no mood to actually mind. Wonderful to be greeted by a cat doing a Full Flop Of Welcome. Better still, because he thereby reminded me that I'd got him wheatgrass... which was still in the trunk, along with the rest of the groceries I'd stopped for on my way home. It's just that it took me a long, long time to get through the various school zones, with four way stops, that I'd utterly forgotten I'd shopped.

Good cat.

And after my hike back out to the car, he greeted me again, then tucked into the grass. His one real food treat. Cat likes him some salad.

A friend at work talking about food, since that cable channel had been on in the breakroom. How she loved everything about food, from growing it, shopping for it, preparing it, that she would eat anything even if she didn't really like it and wasn't even hungry.

I had to admit bafflement. To me, it's all washing the dishes. Oh, I like a good meal in front of me if I'm hungry, preferably something nourishing. And I'll nosh on chips or nuts, or good chocolate, and will rave about good beer or tea, but I can leave it all alone without difficulty. If it's Tootsie Rolls, Budweiser, Lipton, Pringles or walnuts, I'll pass. Grocery shopping is simply a chore, cooking a bother, washing up a pain, putting all the condiments and spices away has been known to leave me snarling.

Oh, and I eat way too fast. Both D and I do, comes of mess halls, where the Drill Sergeant on KP push duty truthfully shouts, "If you can TASTE it, You are EATING TOO SLOW!" We've been trying for nearly two decades to slow down, but perhaps we prefer our food hot, and the habit got too deeply ground in. Even using chopsticks only delays me slightly. We just don't linger over meals.

My Aunt Alma used to say that "some people live to eat, and some people eat to live." She was one of the first, growing her own strawberries and carrots and baking her own bread. And much as I enjoyed her food, I am certainly one of the latter. If I never really got hungry, I'd probably never eat.

Some giant magic.

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Blogger Lucy said...

It seems to me that you mention food in the course of things quite often here, with interest and observation much like any other part of life, you certainly don't come across as at all disordered or anti about it! It's just this obsessive making a driving passion of it that puts you off, which seems pretty sensible to me, and you're probably much healthier for it than those hobby foodies.

One of my sisters is more like you, she enjoys food when it's around, but largely it's fuel and just one small part of the day for her. She sometimes got pissed off when her kids were young that she had to spend to much time organising the stuff, but she's never had to struggle with weight, and she's always eaten normally and healthily.

Moby looks like he enjoys his greens!

Blogger trousers said...

Am glad to catch up with what's going on with you (and Moby).

I think I can have different modes, switching between living to eat and eating to live. This week, after a heavy weekend of mountain biking, it's definitely been the former.

Similarly, cooking can at times be a chore, often a delight.

(Fence sitting? Me?)

Blogger Reading the Signs said...

Well. If I had to be in one camp, I suppose it would have to be your Aunt Alma's, because I love food. But on the other hand, for me, it isn't just about the food, it is about how food and the preparation/sharing/tasting of it connects me to things.

But. I also (quite often) feel just as you do about it - that I wish it would all go away and leave me in peace to do other things. Food takes up so much time. My relationship with it is therefore a little conflicted.

I'm not commenting anywhere much these days. But I still read and enjoy your thoughts, anecdotes, meditations. Hurrah for Googlereader.

Blogger trousers said...

I popped back here and the word ver = affect.

Just saying.

Blogger Phil Plasma said...

I am very much like you in this respect, if I didn't have to eat, I probably wouldn't do it very often. My wife on the other hand is very much a foodie, so while I don't really have this overcoming desire for gastronomical experiences, I do end up getting some really good food most of the time.


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